We started as a group of 6! We run at night and we find more crazy people like us to join the team! We run as #holisteRUN once a month at 21:00 for 10km. The running event will take place even through rain or snow conditions!
All our events are in runkeeper with dates and map details. Join us virtually every month at 21:00 your local time! #nightrunning
We don't give 1st, 2nd or 3rd place medals, we don't care about "how fast", we enjoy running as group! The time limit is 1hour and 30mins for a 10km city route!

So, if you like to join us, grab your running gear, go for running at 21:00 your local time and send us your running photo! (facebook, twitter and Instagram // hashtag #holisteRUN // or tag one of our account! ) 
Find our event in our website or join runkeeper and dont forget to smile!

 PS.: Although most of our documents are in Greek, we try to provide same information in English until we complete the switch. If you would like to ask more informations about our running group don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you, and have fun run!



Διαβάστε επίσης: Ασφάλεια και νυχτερινό τρέξιμο || τι είναι το #holisterun, κάθε πότε και πόσο τρέχουμε και γιατί κάνουμε εγγραφή. || English version