Due to very bad weather of the last days, we CANCEL THE EVENT and we inform you soon for the new dates

On November 2017 my team (holisteRUN) with few more crazy guys (Les Trailers & Nevrokopi Runners) decided to organise an ultra distance race at Nevrokopi heights. The dream came true, we named it FROZEN PEAKS and on 24th of May 2018 is the first day of our multirace event! The 1st of 4 races is called "Panorama", the distance is nearly 250km and 11.000m total elevation change. Thats what we will test!

The race manager, Michalis Papadopoulos gives a time limit of 72 hours to finish the race. So, me Panos (the IT guy) George (race Safety Manager) and Michalis (the race manager) will test and measure the route, the distance, the total altitude  and the time limit few months before the race starts! 

Starting day: Friday --/February at 06:00 || Finishing day: Sunday --/February at (who knows...) || Location: Nevrokopi High school, the race starting point!

HolisteRUN's instagram account will cover our effort! Hashtag: #holiFROZEN // Enjoy!





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